Your Challenges

Capital and Facility projects have many important challenges  that must be overcome and controlled for a successful conclusion.  CIA has identified these facets as the “3 R’s”: Resources,  Responsibilities, and Results.  The owner typical can not actively  manage or oversee every aspect of these Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) .  However, the owner can not just relinquish these project controls or rely upon casual compliance.   

Each institution requires a system and a unique process which monitors and oversees the project teams from within their own organization.  Each institutions faces many unique issues,  but many are common challenges we all have to address.  The CIA strategy is to focus and target  KPI’s  that are crucial in influencing the success of these projects both short and long term; select KPI’s the owners can manage with their own staff; and support your institutions in transitioning this self-controlling process.
Top common challenges  your departments are facing: 

  • Balancing the staff and consultant ratio;
  • Lacking coverage, staff already over loaded;
  • Accommodating adjacent inhouse space for staff and consultants;
  • Providing relevant staff development and training;
  • Need for more technical staff
  • Duration and oversight of consultants 

  • Tools/Systems/software to assist in overseeing projects
  • Report/auditing
  • Adequate funding to manage projects/programs  
  • Escalating cost/change orders
  • Consultant expenses

  • Increased and additional scope for staff
  • Insufficient procedures/policies established for department
  • Extensive oversight committees reporting and presenting
  • Reduced professional scope provided by consultants
  • Increase need for specialization of consultants
  • Backlog of task associated to project controls/managemen

  • Extended schedules
  • Scope gaps 
  • Budget concerns
  • Timely Communication 
Internal Challenges   are subtle issues and conditions not specifically related to the projects/program but involve management and organization.  Often these are more complex and require longer term goals  and phases to improve.

1.  Collaboration & Communication

Teams not working together?   Are they in constant Tug a War?

The lack of teaming  results in endless "tug a wars" which  is cute when it relates to puppies, but disasterous in capital improvement projects. The lack of partnering renders even the most effective groups, systems or procedures  useless.  

Team collaborate if communicate protocals are established and available.


2.  Performance & Productivity

KPI Systems 

& Coaching
& Cost 
 Who is monitoring the 
Key Performance Indicators?  

Your back office structure determines the effectiveness of your processes and systems.  Is your back office working successfully?

Managers and staff are typically not trained to assist in the controls of a projects struggle to be productive.   Are you achieving  budgets and meeting your schedules ?
Management Analytics

3.  Technical Experience

  What  technical resources do you have?

Capital Improvements involve many specific disciplines and trades.   Are your teams prepared to evaluate the details of the projects?

Project Management software for owners keep your institution tracking your progress. What methods are you using to track your progress? Are you staying current?

Computer Aided Facilities Management programs can maintain inventories, schedule activites, quantify the size and manage space data for hundreds of spaces.  They can help visualize, market , and promote your spaces.  Do you know the shape of the spaces, how many square feet it contains,
and what types of finishes are in place?