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We have developed a menu of strategic solutions to meet the challenges  your institution is facing. Our execution and operations are scalable so at any level you can benefit from our experience. We customize our service solutions to support a few staff members, a division, or at the program level. 

We have designed a expert professional network capable of addressing the most complex or routine issues in capital and facility management.   The challenges we can assist you with can be focused in one area or several immediate priorities.  We supplement the owner, we assist you with data, resources, and conclusions so you can make informed decisions, we don't replace your project teams or program/construction managers. Your teams can become more efficient, more efffective, and more valuable.  Your projects become more successful as your team improves communication, manage costs,  and increase controls. 

                  Strategic Solutions: .......your choice.

Coach-Staff Development

Training/coaching existing staff to support more technical  administrative processes including controls, construction, facilities, and project management.

  • Aftering assessing and reviewing goals CIA team will develop staff development similiar to "on the job training" plan, working on your current task;   

  • Coaching can be individual, teams, or though our collaborative workshops; worshops are topic focused and include featuring professionals, experts, manufactures, or specialized vendors depending on the issues and objectives

  • Development support is a hybrid Learning Management System consisting of live and on demand lessons, on line classrooms, knowledge based library, and interactive vitual dialogues

Systems & Tools

Systems and tools are essentials in effective project management.  Monitoring, reporting, and controlling Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for building, capital, and maintenance programs require rigid and regular oversight.  Todays challenges require automation, standardization and organization.

The CIA team will collaborate with your staff to enhence, streamline and optimize your system. Combining various programs and systems tools requires integration with your current process, staffing, and current needs.  

Facility programs vary through their life, scaleable tools and systems which can incorporate accommodate growth, reductions, independance, and economy.    

  • Tools designed for Owner’s review/reporting progress, document controls, correspondences, archival  

  • Systems for producing owner related information on current assets, inventories, current/past plan maintenance, equipment,  and maintenance

  • Financials templates for reconciliations,  regular project audit reporting, owners schedules; vendor receivables/payables tracking/inputting

  • Communication plans/procedures, notifications, and outreach programs

  • Procedural boilerplates for facilities policies,  standard specifications,  drafting facility resolutions or complex agenda items, and draft staff reports,  etc.

Technical Support

​​Project entitlements and the construction technology has imploded making capital and facility programs more complex than ever before.   Having specialised technical support at your finger tips is essential component in todays environment.  The CIA team will get you the right information from the right professionals at the right time.  The complexity for assembling the technical support has exponentially grown as well, creating a need to strategically implement and develop the scope precisely. 

Assessments, evaluations, and benchmarking is required to develop any meanful execution strategy and improvement plan.   Experienced professional will be assembled based upon your general goals and objectives to provide the assessements. Typical assessments highlights include reveiwing:
  • Space inventories/allocations, open space management, and  As Builts 
  • Physical plant conditions of MEPs, utility and sustainable strategies
  • Prioritization of capital projects
  • Deferred and preventive maintenance plans 
  • Master strategies/plans and Long Range Development Plans

Advanced resource and support includes professional technical services, recommendations,
investigation,  research, and reporting; Typical resources highlights included:  
  • Change order, claim reviews, and dispute resolutions; 
  • Forensic investigation for project and administrative issues
  • Off site support for project document controls as needed for project communication, correspondences,  processing, notifications, and agency closeout;
  • Project team formation: criterias, ranking, profiling, and pre-qualification review;
  • Community and community directions: oversight focus, goals, roles, and responsibilities;


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  CI Academy                 An investment in knowledge pays the best interest ”,  Benjamin Franklin
CI Academy: 
Capital Improvement Academy, (CI Academy) is an internal facilities educational network provding specific professional and technical resources to staff, professionals, and associates  currently employed to oversee facilities with support from Capital Improvement Advisors;

CI Academy has on demand  resources including opportunities for your staff to stay in contact and discusss current challenges they are facing, with intent to gain information, opinions, and advice from trade professionals;  
Participant on monthly facility network updates and online forums/newsletters;

CI Academy resources include online access to training and continued educational topics in project management, highlighting design, facility, and construction.    

CI Academy workshops, seminares, and course on current and relevant trade support on specific challenges and topics; keeping your team informed on the many trades  solutions from the  vendors, manufactures, suppliers, and professionals. 

​CI Academy becomes your institution's Academy, designed to support your teams in coaching, technical advancement, and support.  


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