CIA Consultant Team

CIA's network of  facilities and capital management service providers


Team of architects, planners, engineers, and builders assist your staff  in preparing you and your institution for future improvements


Assessing and investigating where you are and what you can improve, what you need to improve, and how to maintain

Team Resources

Back office support to provide your team with systems, staff, and training keeping your staff in the drivers seat.

Communication and Notification

Stay on top of your activities with consistent reporting and notification suppport.  Keep your stake holders aware of the impacts and events.

and Stewardship 

"Green washing" and "Sustainability" can become impractible or unenforcible if not executed or planed properly for your needs


Technology constantly changes and requires a strategy implementation to support your needs economically and effectively

Some of our preferred professional network  we know get the job done....... 

We assist you in the winning  plan

We get the right players on your team

You succeed!